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Stefanie M. Trujillo - President & Chief Executive Officer

Freelance Section

       Gerry Hernandez

    Lynette Puga-Oliver

Co-Chairs: Gerry Hernandez and Lynette Puga-Oliver  

Jody Hobbs ran this section since the beginning of its formation over 20 years ago but has decided to retire. Thank you, Jody, for your many years of leadership. Moving forward, we will have early morning coffee meetings for those of you who are early risers, lunch time meetings by Zoom and in person meetings at different locations every month. Our meetings will include presenters who may be current freelance members and others to learn more about freelancing.

Gerry can be reached at gerryjhernandez@gmail.com and Lynette can be reached at Lynette.PugaOliver@outlook.com concerning any questions or if you wish to join the Freelance Section.

We look forward to meeting everyone and hope you will join us.

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